Digital Pocket Quran


This special Digital Pocket Quran comes in such a nice and light shape that makes it very easy to handle, and can be kept it in a small pocket.

The extra optional speakers can securely hold it and make it suitable to be placed on a desktop or on a shelf to be used to listen to selected Quran Ayas, while in the same time its lithium battery is getting charged.

The nice and clear scripts, the Color Coded Tajweed rules, the available range of world's top reciters, the ability to repeat to learn and memorize, the Al -Jalalayn Tafseer, the black nice leather case and the headphones; all make it really special Quran that every Muslim needs, it is the best choice for who is looking for a proper Digital Quran with all features built in.


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Accessories: Speakers Only for Digital Pocket Quran.
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Digital Pocket Quran (D.P.Q)
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