Once you learn the basic rules of tajweed, its honestly the easiest mus-haf to read because the color codes remind you what to do at what place, in case you forget that is:)
I learned a different color code first but once i got used to their colors, it was smooth mashallah.

Quick delivery, high quality, simply the best.


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We publish the Tajweed Quran in many readings and narrations. Beside Hafs, we have Warsh, Qaloon, Khalaf, Al-Doori, Qunbul, and the three new releasesAl-Kisai', Ibn Amer and Inb Katheer

Also please check the other two books: Tajweed Quran with the Facilitation on the Ten Readingsand Tajweed Quran with the Ten Reading on the Margins.


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