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Quran with Read Pen and Smart Card

Quran Read Pen and Smart Card..

Read, listen, watch and memorize: it is more than a recitation


Use your senses and take your Quran learning to new heights:

With the Quran in front of your eyes (Sight sense), the electronic pen is reading out what you see (Hearing sense) and the Smart card on the right of the page providing you with meanings and translations (Mind sense): you are fully interacted with every word of Allah’s book; you are literally living its meanings.


What is Electrical Read Pen and what is it for?

We use the Electrical Read Pen to listen to the recitation of the Aya or Surah that we choose. It has a sensor in its top head; we touch the desired Aya with it so it recognizes it and reads it out. If we touch the Sura's name with the Pen, it will read out the entire Surah.


Electrical Read Pen has many buttons, each has its own function:

- On/Off button: to switch the Read Pen on and off.

- Reciter button: to choose between the world's best reciters.

- Narration button: to choose between the Quran narrations (riwaya)

- Rec button: to record your voice and listen to it, used for learning purposes.

- Buttons - and + to turn the volume up and down.


What is Smart Card and what is it for?

Smart Card is located on the right side of the Quran pages, it is placed on the internal side of the Quran hard cover, so as you read the Quran and turn its pages, the Smart Card will always be close to your eyes on the right hand side.


Smart Card contains a list of languages, each language has a red circle next to it, we touch the red circle with the Read Pen in order to choose the language. Smart Card also contains few other options depends on the product, such as Tafsir and others.


How does it work?

Quran Read Pen is very simple to use: 

1- Turn the Read Pen on using the On/Off button

2- Choose your favourite reciter and riwaya by pressing the appropriate buttons on the pen.

3- Open the Quran and choose the Aya or Surah that you would like to read/listen to.

4- Touch the Aya with the Read Pen, it will read it out in Arabic.

5- Choose your language on the Smart Card and touch it with the Read Pen, it will read the Aya’s meanings translated into your language. 

6- To practice recitation and Tajweed, press the REC button on the pen and read out the Aya, then press PLAY to listen to your recitation, verify your mistakes and repeat again.



We have about 15 different types of Quran Read Pen, each comes with its own features and size.


* Please note: not all products come with Charger, USB cable or Smart Card, please refer to individual items for features and specifications.


All technical queries related to the Quran Read Pen products are welcomed by our technical support team on: info@alquranonline.com


{{ This is with no doubt: the greatest Quran self learning tool ever  }}



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