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Tajweed and Memorization Quran


The Concept and the Book


1- The Book

The Tajweed and Memorization Quran comes with Color Coded Tajweed rules and Obvious Script which make reading the Quran much easier. The book is available in two languages: Arabic and English, it is available in many forms, and contains surahs and topics indexes.

The hard cover of the Arabic and English versions of Memorization Quran are durable and last long.

The Velvet Cover of Tajweed and Memorization Quran is such a precious and valuable gift, it comes in size 5"x7".

This Quran is also available with Read Pen and Smart Card, benefiting from the amazing technology that makes reciting, learning, understanding and memorizing the Quran very easy. No matter what your level of Quran reading is, you will benefit greatly from it.


Tajweed and Memorization in English Tajweed and Memorization in Arabic Tajweed and Memorization Velvet Cover Tajweed and Memorization with Read Pen


2- Concept and Idea

The idea of the book is to help and facilitate memorizing the Quran, where the background color get changed when the topic is changed, and a brief explanation of the topic is added on the margin, in addition, the verbs in the text comes also with an eye catching and different background color, this is to engage the eyesight with the mind during the memorization process. Meanings translations of the verses are on the lower half of the page. So in this book you will find the following components on every page to help in the memorization process:

- The page is sectioned according to the topic

- Sections comes with different background color

- Topics are briefed on the margin in Arabic or English

- The verses are distinguished by their background color

- In the English version, meanings of the verses are added to the lower half of the page in English language.

Sample page of the Memorizaton Quran i English (page number 293) shown below:  


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