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Tajweed & Memorization Read Pen & Smart Card

Smart Card Included. Velvet cover. Page Size 4.7"x6.7".

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SKU 978-9933-458-10-2
Weight 0.60 kg
Size: 4.7"x6.7"
Cover: Hardcover
Narration: Hafs
Script: Obvious Script (Spaced out with extra spaces at optional stops)
Indexes: Quran words Index & Quran topics index.
ISBN: 978-9933-458-10-2
More info: Quran With Read Pen and Smart Card
Publisher: Dar Al-Ma'arifah
Shipped From: ILLINOIS, USA


Memorization of the Quran is facilitated on the book by making the eyesight shares the mind in memorizing both the text and the subject in a very creative way.On every page of this copy of the Tajweed Quran, subjects are distinguished by a different background color, and a brief overview of the subject added on the page margin. This helps in understanding the sequence of the Surah, and increases the awareness and the ability of linking the subjects to the texts for more enhanced memorization.

This Tajweed Quran is in Hafs narration.


**Comes with One Year Warranty**


Specifications and Features

  • Read and listen to the Quran's verses with tajweed rules in Arabic.
  • Listen to the verses' meanings translated into any of the following languages: English, French, Turkish, Malay and Urdu.
  • Choose to listen to Quran recitation in the voice of seven of the world's most pupular reciters: Sudais, Ghamidi, Huthaify, Menshawi, and Husari.
  • Choose to listen to famous reciters in the following narration (Rewayat): Hafs.
  • Great tool to learn and memorize Quran and tajweed rules by recording your own recitation, replay, compare and correct.
  • Quran words explainations on the margins.
  • Tajweed Rules explained in Arabic
  • Quran topics index.
  • Color Surahs names index.
  • Approximately 6 Hours of continous play
  • 2 X AAA Batteries (not included)



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  • Author: Wahab shafy
    Memorization is no more easier after I have this Read pen. the colored pages are really helpful in remembering and with Read pen I will not have mistakes because I will listen to the coreect way. Resonable price considering all the benifits this product offers.
  • Author: Montaha
    My daughter said it's the most wonderful gift she got for her birthday.
  • Author: Kamelia
    My dad always wanted to memorize Quran but he was having difficulty in reading correctly and he has no time to go to a teacher, now he can do what he dreamed of and I will take the thawab too.
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