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Tajweed and Tahajjud Quran


The Idea behind the Tahajjud Quran


Tahajjud prayer (also called Qiyam ul-layl or Night Prayer) is such a precious gift from Allah (sw) to the believers, it is performed at any time during the night.

Tahajjud prayer and Quran recitation during the night have great rewards and benefits; they purify the believers’ soul and heart. During these times, the Quran recitation becomes much more enjoyable with our Tajweed and Tahajjud Quran, due to its unique and beautiful layout.

The Tahajjud Quran enables you to have higher concentration on what you are reading and on the context of the verses, every page of this Quran contains verses of almost three pages of the regular Quran, so you have fewer pages to read and turn, you also have an overall view of the verses and the Quran text.

The Tajweed and Tahajjud Quran contains 247 pages instead of 605 pages, that mean each page combines three pages of the regular Quran pages, every one Juzz is combined in eight pages instead of 20 pages in the regular Quran.

The book is available in two sizes:

Big size 14"x20" comes in hardcover and it is ideal for all ages especially elderly people:
Small size 4" x5.5" comes in leather zipped case and is it ideal for travel:

 Both sizes come with Color Coded Tajweed rules, Obvious Script, surahs and topics indexes.

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