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Arabic Quran with High Specs Read Pen & Smart Card

High Specs Read Pen Includes 20 Top Recisters, Voice Recording and more..

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SKU 978-9933-423-77-3
Weight 1.70 kg
Size: 7"x9"
Cover: Hardcover
Narration: Hafs
Script: Obvious Script (Spaced out with extra spaces at optional stops)
Indexes: Quran words Index & Quran topics index.
ISBN: 978-9933-423-77-3
More info: Quran With Read Pen and Smart Card
Shipped From: ILLINOIS, USA


This is new and improved version with more features and higher specifications

Summarized Specifications and Features

Listen in clarity, get instant and easy access to the following:

  • 20 Reciters عشرين مقرئ
  • 4 Complete Quran narrations (Hafs, Warsh, Qaloon and Al-Douri) اربع روايات كاملة: حفص - ورش - قالون - الدوري
  • Instant audio translations of the meanings into 13 Languages ترجمة المعاني لـ13 لغة 
  • 3 Tafsirs (Interpretations) ثلاثة تفاسير
  • I'raab Al Quran (Arabic grammar) اعراب القران
  • Reasons of Ayats’ decent. اسباب النزول

**Comes with One Year Warranty**


Please note:

To listen to Qalun reading you need to set the reciter on Al-Andari

To listen to Warsh reading you need to set the reciter on Al-Qaraa'ni
To listen to Duri reading you need to set the reciter on Al-Zubeir
To listen to Hafs reading you need so set the reciter on any reciter apart from the above three

Detailed Specifications and Features

  • Read and listen to the Quran's verses with tajweed rules in Arabic.
  • Use Smart Card to listen to the verses' explanations (Ayah's tafseer) in 13 Languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Malay and Urdu, Indonesian, Amazigh, Kurdish and Farsi.
  • Choose to listen to Quran recitation in the voice of 20 of the world's most pupular reciters: Abdul Baset, Al-Afasi, Al-Ghamedi, Al-Sudais, Al-Husari, Abdullah Besfer, Mhmd Ayub, Al-Ajami, Al-Garaani (Warsh), Al-Anzari (Qaloon), Al-Maikely, Al-Lahuni, Al-Tablawi, Al-Minshawi, Al-Zubair (Douri), Al-Shatery, Al-Asali, and Child Hanan
  • Choose to listen to famous reciters in any of the following narrations (Rewayat): Hafs, Warsh and Qaloon.
  • Great tool to learn and memorize Quran and tajweed rules by recording your own recitation, replay, compare and correct.
  • Quran words explanations on the margins.
  • Tajweed Rules explained in Arabic
  • Quran topics index.
  • Color Surahs names index.
  • Approximately 6 Hours of continuous play
  • Lithium Battery and charger included.



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  • Author: Dagmara Bibulatova
    Amazing product, really happy with it, thanks,
  • Author: Abdul Kader
    Thank you for this great product, my wife and I are learning and enjoying reading the Quran, alhmdulellah it is a great motivation.
  • Author: Fahima
    Mashallah 10 out of 10, thanks for the quick delivery.
  • Author: Ahmad Qasim
    Alhmamdulellah happy with this Quran, I love the cover, very high quality, I will recommend it to friends and family inshallah.
  • Author: Umm Usama
    Bought it for my mum, she loves it, the size is good too I could not find Quran with read pen in this size elsewhere, highly recommended, Jazakullah.

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