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Non-Arabic speakers can recite the Quran the same way it used to be recited more than 1400 years ago!

Isn't it wonderful that non-Arabic speakers can recite the Holy Quran the same way it used to be recited more than 1400 years ago? and with the alphapets of their own languages? 


It is as simple as that !!!


The concept


The previous attempts of expressing the Arabic alphabets using the Latin alphabets were all failed, those attempts were deficient the logical expression of pronouncing the Arabic letters, and they lacked a principle of a scientific method.


Our invention is a new method which will enable the non-Arabic Quran readers to simply use their own alphabets to read the Quran. Through this invention; we developed the following technique: "Distinguishing the unique Arabic pronunciations by dotting the closest phonetic Latin letters."


Yes, we "dotted" the Latin alphabets !! the English, French, German, Russian, and the Turkish alphabets were all very carefully and precisely dotted in order to assure that the right pronunciation of the Arabic letters are achieved. Here are some examples:


Let’s talk about the Arabic letter (ح), there isn't a similar pronounced letter in the English language to it, so we picked the closest phonetic English letter which is (h) and we added a dot underneath it to become (ḥ) and we used it as (ح)


In this way, the English speaker will be pronouncing normal (h) the way we say it in word: الله = Allah,  and will pronounce the dotted h (ḥ) the way we say it in word: أحمد = Aḥmad


Dotting the Latin letters which their pronounciations are close to the Arabic letters' pronounciations; enable the non-Arabic speakers to recite the Quran very smoothly and easily, with no mistakes.


Here is an overview of the English dotted letters:






We have integrated both the Color Coding Tajweed rules and the Transliterarion (above) in all our

Tajweed Quran In Other Languages products.

The General Adminitration of Ifta'a and Religioun Studies has approved the above.


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